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Ale Sanchez

Ale Sanchez is a Junior Software Engineer located in Sevilla, Spain. He began his education at Computer Sciences with a Bachelor's Degree in that field. His final degree project was an evolutionary algorithm for analysing genes involved in cancer. That project was awarded with two prizes. That moment Ale Sanchez began to think about helping others using his knowledge on Computer Sciences.

After that he did a Master's Degree in Computer Sciences and that was when everything changed. The final project was about to build something (whatever he wanted) as an "entrepreneurship experiment". That was when he first did anything related to entrepreneurship. Ale Sanchez built UnNaranjo in 2017, a complete ecosystem for learning smartphone photography. He recorded online courses, opened a blog, gave face-to-face workshops... That entrepreneurship adventure is still going on. Ale Sanchez's photography blog has now more than 3k visitors each month and the udemy courses are close to 12k total students.

After a year working full-time getting the project off the ground, Ale Sanchez began to work in his actual position. Since January 2018 he is working as Resarch Assistant for Universidad de Sevilla. He is working as a full-stack developer in the ISA Research group, developing projects for public and private companies. He is also playing a DevOps role managing the deployments and maintenance of two servers with more than 80 services that have to be available 24/7.

What Ale's has done so far

Applied Software Engineering
Research Assistant Jan 2018 - Now
Applied Software Engineering. Universidad de Sevilla. Sevilla, Spain.

We have developed a bibliometric analysis system. This has been my first big real project using MEAN stack and a full architecture of microservices. We deployed and interconnected 11 services using docker. I also made a port of the docker-compose deployment to Kubernetes. That allowed me to deploy and configure a Kubernetes cluster in AWS and a Bare Metal one in a NAS server.

Entrepreneurship Jan 2017 - Now
UnNaranjo.com Sevilla, Spain.

UnNaranjo is an ecosystem for learning Smartphone Photography. I'm building it with online courses, videos, a blog and face-to-face workshops.

I've developed the initial idea following the customer development philosophy. By making interviews to early adopters and potential customers I have been able to develop four online courses which have, alltogether, near 14 thousand students. The blog, also, receives more than 3 thousand visits each month and the business model allows all the components to generate a regular monthly income.

AMEI Marketing Publicidad
Internship Summer 2015
AMEI Marketing Publicidad. Sevilla, Spain.

AMEI is a small-size company focused in web developing (with CMS), SEO and social media presence. They have worked for very famous companies like Ybarra (very important in Spain), City Sightseeing (founded here in Sevilla but known internationally) and Porsche. All the companies they have worked to are in their website

During that internship I developed websites for some clients and maintained some other websites for other clients. I worked mainly with CMS such as Wordpress, Prestashop, Drupal and Joomla but also worked with PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Universidad de Sevilla. Sevilla
Internship Summer 2013
TAIS research group. Universidad de Sevilla. Sevilla, Spain.

This was my first job and I had the oportunity to work in the Serious Games project. I took part in the development of video games for children with cerebral palsy. The game was developed using XNA and a Kinect device, used for controlling the character in-game. The games were mainly question and answer games and the kid had to make some movement with the head, or just say anything in order to select the correct answer. That intern made me realise that I could use my knowledge on computer sciences and software engineering for improving people's live in many ways.

Main languages Ale has proficiency in


Main technologies Ale has worked with

Node.JS + Express
Spring MVC

Personal projects

Here are some personal projects Ale Sanchez has developed. They are both telegram bots and alexa skills. Since at work Ale mainly uses JavaScript, all the personal projects listed here are written in Python.

Telegram Projects
Your English Teacher

This bot is for helping people to accquire new vocabulary in english. It is designed for English language students, as it provides word meanings, examples and an audio with the word pronunciation.

Anyone who wants to use this bot just have to talk to it and will receive a new word each day.

Traveller bot

Actually this is a scrapper that retrieves new travel sales every two hours. Then, a bot sends those new travels automatically to a telegram channel.

This channel is intended for people living in Spain, because all the sales are from travels departuring Spain.

Alexa Projects

The Alexa Skills listed here are only available for Spanish marketplace.

On a day like today

This skill provides the user with historical moments. Each day the skill has a list with important events that happened on a day like today.

This skill has events related to different fields. It can give facts about art, wars, births and deaths...

True or False

This skill allows the user to play a questions and answers game with Alexa. Aleza will begin to ask true or false questions until the user tells Alexa to stop.

With each question, Alexa will give the user some extra information about the question answered.

Other Projects
Seed/Template project for python telegram bot

This is a skeleton/seed/template project. Since I develop all my telegram bots using the same base library and the same schema, I decided to create a seed project for making my workflow easier, faster and smarter.

This project allows me (and whoever wants to use it) to implement the basic structure of a workign telegram bot in minutes, substantially reducing the time and effort I have to invest on developing new bots.

Ale as a Person

Ale Sanchez isn't just a professional. He has also interests, concerns and aspirations. Leaving aside all the cliché interests like travelling, music, reading etcetera, which Ale obviously shares, here are presented other (less-typical) hobbies.

Hobbies and interests
Wood Carving

Ale is just a beginner, but during woodcarving, his mind is completely empty and 100% focused on the hands and the knife.


Ale really likes taking photos. Photography trains the eye and the mind to see things within a different perspective. Ale's work can be explored at Instagram or 500px.

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are a great activity to strengthen ties and friendship. Ale is part of a group of friends that usually solve rooms together.


Ale is now beginning to learn rollerblading. He sees that activity as a way of doing excercise and as a test of his motor skills.


Nature is where Ale has to return from time to time. Not always the same place, but he needs to do some hiking or spend a weekend away from the city frequently.


Ale is not embarrased of saying he loves food. The photo shows a croqueta, a typical spanish dish that is a pleasure for the senses.